Simplydenny Comic Strip Special Ch. – HALLOWEEN COSTUME

Halloween Costume

A Japanese Man in Indonesia

Yesterday it was my first time to meet up with one of the Couchsurfing member. His twitter username is @yasukemu, and yes he came from Japan. He contacted me first and kindly asked me if we could met around Bandung. Of course I’m gladly accept his request. It’s always a pleasant experience when you can make a new friends when you’re far away from your homeland. Hey, living alone is quite difficult isn’t it?!

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What You (Still) Can Do After Having An Accident

Kemaren gue abis kecelakaan. Maklum lagi musim ujan di Bandung. Jalanan licin ngga terkendali. Menikung dengan kecepatan rendah pun ngga dijamin 100% aman. Emang apesnya kemarin jalan yang gue lewatin agak berpasir dan jelas aja ban motor gue selip. Lebih apesnya lagi gue lagi boncengin kakak gue. Kami berdua jatoh dari motor. Tapi ga sampe guling-gulingan kok. Hehe.

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